What is the Future of Digital Marketing?

The way we market ourselves and our businesses has evolved dramatically in the last 20 years. With the advancement of technology, it’s only natural that digital marketing as we know it would also be on the cusp of change—and it is. What started out as simple word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends has transformed into multi-million dollar advertising campaigns involving social media, email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). As digital marketing becomes more complex, what does the future hold? How will it affect the way marketers interact with their audiences? What new challenges will arise to give rise to brand new opportunities?

he Future of SEO

SEO isn’t a one-trick pony, but marketers must keep its relevance in mind for 2017 and beyond. SEO has become so widespread that it’s no longer just about link building; it’s now about social networking, influencer marketing, and backlinks from other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. With that in mind, marketers need to consider what platforms are a priority for their business moving forward. In 2017, social media will continue to reign supreme—but don’t forget that video content can be a powerful SEO strategy too. On top of that, considering how fast emerging technologies like chatbots might change our relationship with search engines, keeping up with Google’s algorithm changes and developments is essential for any digital marketer. The future may be murky right now—and there are still many unknowns when it comes to digital marketing in 2017—but there’s certainly never been a better time to stay informed. And remember: When we were all born into a world without social media or online videos, we learned how to manage just fine. Today’s innovations won’t always seem so life-changing tomorrow. A few years down the line, you’ll probably look at social networks and think hey, I thought my whole life revolved around those. One day they’ll seem like old hat—like television did before Facebook was invented. Stay calm amidst all these changes! You’re not going crazy… yet… 😉

The Future of Email

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, email marketing is still a must for your digital marketing strategy. As technology changes and users opt for more immediate forms of communication (read: social media), there are many that feel email might become obsolete. They say email is too slow and it’s not what people want anymore; social media reigns supreme as a platform for businesses to engage customers. There’s definitely some truth to that—but what people want in terms of digital communication has little to do with you, your business, or your brand. Still, that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope for traditional forms of digital marketing—like mailing lists—to thrive in today’s marketplace. To make sure that happens, we need to get back to basics. The fact is that businesses can drive revenue through email list building and continue to grow their customer base by connecting directly with them through emails on a regular basis. Email marketing may be old school but it’s here to stay because nothing else comes close when it comes to ROI. The key then lies in modernizing direct mail so that businesses have access to all of its benefits while also making sure potential subscribers don’t see it as an outdated way of doing things.

The Future of Social Media

Social media in general and Facebook in particular have a large impact on almost everyone, even those who don’t use it. For example, we can see how fast Snapchat or Whatsapp fell just after they were launched and Google Plus did not find its followers. So how long will be an eternal youth for Twitter or Instagram? Despite these facts we should look at social media as part of a large mailing system which helps keep people updated about new products, promotions and latest news about any topic. This will probably be used in 2018 just like it was done before. Social networks are a great way to get feedback from potential customers. And offline events can attract more visitors thanks to social communities. Combining both points above leads us to an answer that mailers and social sites are here for good. And no one knows when another digital platform will rise up against them. But what we do know that next year’s creativity of email marketers and Facebook professionals will help business make more money online – only by using e-mail marketing! And that’s why sending email newsletters continues to be vital tool today; also because email marketing tends to create valuable relationships with clients/customers while offering excellent customer service as well!
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